Audio Recorder for Free 12.9.8

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Audio Recorder for Free 12.9.8
Audio Recorder for Free 2014

Audio Recorder for Free is a freeware audio detector and recorder for Windows.

Audio Recorder for Free can detect and capture any sound that your PC has access to. Windows has a simple built-in tool, but this solution is much more powerful and can be used not to just to capture sound from mics but to capture music, podcasts, game audio and more. As its name suggests, the app is completely free to use as often and for as long as you like.

Audio Recorder for Free starts recording with just a single button press. You can play a music video on YouTube or a podcast on an app like Real Player and record it external to those applications. You can also connect cassette and record players to your PC and record those. All of this is achieved through the creation of a virtual sound card that works independent of your actual sound card.

This program also provides a wide range of recording options and encoding options. You can have a lot of control over each recording if you want, but the app also has many presets that make it simple for casual users. Simply select a predefine recording quality, such as Hi-Fi Quality or FM Quality. Choose a 1:1 recording if you prefer, or really dig into all of the available configuration parameters.

Although one-click recording is nice, it isn’t always optimal. Sometimes you won’t be around, or you may have no control over when a live broadcast begins. Audio Recorder for Free also supports automatic recording controls for these scenarios. Simply set a schedule, and the program will turn on and start recording and then stop recording and turn off at times you’ve determined.

Each recording you make is easily accessed through the program in addition to as a file. You’ll be able to view details such as date created, file size, duration, filename and location. If you use Free Audio Editor—which is another great freeware tool from the same developer—you’ll be able to easily export your recordings from here to there. Edit, apply effects, reduce noise and much more.

Audio Recorder for Free supports a wide range of audio codecs. In fact, it can support just about any codec you have installed. Automatic Gain Control is supported in order to optimize recordings when the signal is too weak or overly strong. A Voice Active System is also included so that you can easily detect periods of silence. The UI is a bit on the gaudy side, but it has visualizers and many other tools that let you get the most of all the features Audio Recorder for Free offers.


  • Freeware
  • One-button record
  • Windows 10 support


  • None

Audio Recorder for Free is a nifty tool for converting audio playing via the computer's sound card to MP3. It is an excellent solution for backing up cassette tapes, vinyl, or even CDs, and it can complete a number of other handy tasks as well.

If you've ever been watching a YouTube video or heard music playing through your speakers that you wished you could have recorded, you will be delighted to find that Audio Recorder for Free makes this possible. The software is extremely user friendly, and it serves as a solid solution for backing up audio that you cannot retrieve in any other way.

In order to record audio from your vinyl or cassette player, you will need a connection cable to link it to your computer. However, when you can successfully link your player to your computer, Audio Recorder can record the audio and convert it to MP3 format.

Using the software is simple. Begin by playing audio that you would like to capture, and at the right time, use the "Record" button to copy it. MP3 is not the only format that Audio Recorder for Free records to. You can also export your recorded audio in WMA or WAV formats, and you can also tweak the frequency of the track. Once you're finished with that, all you have to do is specify where you'd like Audio Recorder to export your track, and viola! You're finished!

Those who are passionate about backing up their music from the physical format to data will derive lots of use out of this program. Be wary that this program is short on advanced features, and it is likely that you won't be able to recover high quality audio from damaged physical media.


  • Audio Recorder helps users back up music and audio from their cassette tapes and vinyl.
  • The user has fine control over where the recording stops and starts.


  • There are not many options for advanced tweaking or recording.

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